About me


I like to write...

 I'm a total word whiz and my priority is to use my best skills and gifts every day. I have a marketing degree and a passion for the written word. Boy, do I love marking up stuff with a red pencil!! I have extensive experience in writing sales training manuals and producing catalogs and corporate collateral. Not to brag, but I have an exceptional aptitude for language and writing including scoring in the 99th percentile of the verbal GMAT and achieving a perfect "6" on the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment. I'm also very energetic and enthusiastic--ask anyone who knows me!

Specialties: Resume writing and touch-up, selling stuff online, copy editing, writing for online audiences, brainstorming, and being a ringer on a music trivia team.  

Under the Mira Vista Media umbrella, I also have published one book, am currently working on another, and run an online shop selling NFL clothing in the UK. Oh, and I'm a hands-on host welcoming guests to my home in Denver on AirBnb.