Marketing/Communications Degree

I have a BSBA in Marketing from Arizona State University, with a minor in Communications.

Catalog and Book Publishing

At a former employer, I produced several 100+ page catalogs from scratch using Quark on an Apple IIci. These days, it's a whole lot easier to produce great content. I also self-published and edited a 2017 book in tribute to a musician that you can check out here.

Technical Writing

I worked for Intuit for five years in content management, where my main contribution was to write and edit the Help articles for accounting software. Yeah, if you can make accounting sexy, you can write about anything!

Sales and Marketing Veteran

I've been in sales and marketing all of my adult life, including business to business sales, territory route sales, consumer products sales, and running my own online product sales ventures. After all of this,  I probably have some good ideas for you.

Warm Writing Style

I'm blessed with a warm, personal, conversational writing style honed over a lifetime of professional and personal writing, including ridiculously awesome annual holiday letters.

Presentation/Training Skills

Besides my former employers, I also volunteered for 10+ years with Girl Scouts of Colorado, performing statewide training for the cookie program, and also being the main volunteer in Denver county for all cookie activities. So I know how to motivate people and give presentations.