Online Content Editing

One of my talents is warming up your content. Did you ever go to a website and the language is clinical, dry, BORING? I can help with that. 

I also specialize in "regionalizing" content, which essentially means I make it sound like it's been written by someone who actually speaks English. It's an inexpensive tweak to a website that people don't want to trust because the language just isn't right.


Copy Editing and Proofing

I somewhat immodestly mentioned on the home page that I have a gift for verbal technicalities like spelling, grammar, and usage. Editing is my true love and I'd be happy to copy-edit your projects on a free-lance hourly rate basis or by arranging a project rate. Red pen optional--I can edit your copy the old-fashioned way or on Word/online.


Resumes, CVs, and Personal Writing

I've done resumes on a one-off basis for clients, and I've also worked on multi-media presentation profiles for an executive placement firm. I'm good at pumping you up so you don't have to toot your own horn!

I can also do any personal writing you need, like:

  • Dear John letters
  • Personal website/blog writing or editing
  • Memoir writing/organization
  • Design and production of funeral/celebration of life programs
  • Promotional leaflets for small business or promoting side odd jobs
  • Almost anything else!


Working Remotely

I live in Denver, CO but that doesn't mean you have to (though I don't know why you would't want to!). With all the remote access and cloud apps available, there's not much we can't do remotely anymore. If we're going to be working together a lot, I'm more than willing to travel and meet you to get things rolling. And I welcome international clients, where I can help you with regionalizing your site language (see above).