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Below left, take a look to see who our contributors are and the titles of their contributions. 

Also, the story of the cover is on the last page of the contents. 

Below right, read a sample story written by Daniel Tse of Cheshire, UK

We Got You contents (pdf)


daniel tse (pdf)


qr codes for videos

Even better--it's like you're really there!


When a contributor has a video to share with their story (such as concert footage, etc.), we have included a scannable QR code with their story so you can watch the video while reading the story; no flipping back and forth between a photo section in the center.

Go ahead, try it! This video was taken by Courtney Day at the live Roundhead Studios recording session of Neil's album Out of Silence. If you don't have a QR reader on your phone or device, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download a free one. Most phones will also automatically scan a QR code with the camera function.


Back cover


Thanks to Delphoene Evenhuis, whose artwork, 

"The Sound, It Comes to Carry Me", graces the back cover.

The back cover displays a UPC without pricing, so you can sell it

 with the pricing of your choosing. 

Contact us for special pricing if you'd like to sell the book at your shop or museum.


We Got You! The Book


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